Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief

The outside world can cause pressure on us, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This becomes what is commonly referred to as “Stress.”

The older we get, the heavier the effects of stress can be on the body and mind. Too much stress will cause hormonal imbalances that will make a person feel anxious and hyperactive. The key to natural stress and anxiety relief would be to have some down time and healthy habits.

Here are some stress relief remedies that are easy, cheap and sometimes even free:

1. Always take a Time Out.
Stressful situations bombard into our lives frequently, and it is important for us to have even just a 10 minute break from it all to unwind. For instance, during a hectic day, take 10 minutes of your time for a stress relief activity such as a deep breathing exercise and some stretching.

2. Consult a Physician to receive supervision in taking Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief Supplements.
– Vitamin B Complex
Helps to preserve a healthy nervous system and aids the body in reacting to stress. Take this with a multivitamin and mineral supplement to boost its effects.

– Valerian
Valerian is very useful in alleviating anxiety and aids in sleep. The best part is that it does not make you feel tired the following day unlike sleeping pills.

3. Go Outside for a Boost of Energy.
Do not stay cooped up in the house or the office all day because it will make you feel gloomier and more anxious. You need to get a sufficient amount of sunlight daily, since it is important for heightening the production of serotonin in the body, thus boosting mood and energy.

4. Exercise on a Regular Basis.
Exercise is very important for the human body to function effectively. It eliminates toxins in the body (such as lactic acid and uric acid, partly responsible for stress). Exercise is very good as a natural stress and anxiety relief remedy because it increases the “happy hormone” which is endorphins, relieving stress, optimizing physical capacity, and sharpening the mind. You do not have to do strenuous activities. Something as simple as a brisk 30 minute walk coupled with deep breathing each day will do wonders for stress relief.

5. Minimize caffeine intake.
Caffeine can be beneficial if it is taken infrequently and in small amounts. However, if taken in quite often it will increase anxiety levels and stress. The most number of times to take caffeinated beverages would be around one to two times every seven days.

6. Have a Favorite Relaxing Ritual.
One fun method for stress relief would be to have something relaxing and rewarding to look forward to at the start or end of the day. Here are a few natural stress and anxiety relief suggestions:

– Drink a soothing beverage. An herbal or green tea and warm milk with cinnamon and honey are some popular favorites.
– Do some stretches while enjoying the shower to release tension.
– Write in a journal to unwind before going to bed. Jotting down your thoughts, problems, and excitement can help de-clutter your mind and let it calm down so that you can drift to sleep quite easily.

If you are looking for anxiety and stress relief you may be feeling frustrated at the amount of suggestions out there. It seems everybody has a way to reduce these subtle yet powerful influences, which can not only ruin our enjoyment of life but often cause health and mental health issues which persist far beyond the initial source of the problem.

While most of the information you attain will be valid, you need to spend time not only examining and testing the ideas, but discovering which anxiety and stress relief is right for you and your situation. In this article I will examine a number of anxiety and stress relief ideas in the hope that you will find something that will fit your situation and your lifestyle.

Anxiety and Stress Relief Techniques

There are many anxiety relief techniques reported on the internet today, and many of these involve relaxation and breathing. Relaxing your body one part at a time is a great way to approach stress, starting with your toes and working your way right through to the top of your head.

Another technique involves deep breathing, breathing out the stress and breathing in peace and tranquility. Sounds a little trite, but it actually works and can certainly bring some degree of relief.

Another great idea is the cognitive approach, which involves you ‘thinking’ your way to anxiety and stress relief. In this technique you imagine each problem, compartmentalizing it so that the problem is separated from you. Then you can imagine these compartmentalized problems floating away, or yourself floating away from them.

Organized Anxiety and Stress Relief

Another approach to anxiety relief is to join an organized group which can help you to relax, such as a yoga or Tai Chi class. This gives you the chance to socially interact as well as achieve anxiety and stress relief, but the downside is that you need to make the time to attend the classes. All the good intentions in the world are useless if you cannot find the time to show up!

Joining a support group can also be helpful, especially if the cause of your anxiety is something others share. So if the main cause of your stress is a certain condition, such as Autism in your child or Multiple Sclerosis, then a support group can work wonders for reducing the inevitable stress and anxiety these conditions

Anxiety and Stress Relief That Subtly Fits

I find that the best method of anxiety and stress relief is the one that I have to think the least about, and can incorporate seamlessly into my current lifestyle. While breathing and massage help, the use of relaxation music is one of the most subtle yet powerful techniques available. With the touch of a button, you can fill your home or office with this amazing yet unobtrusive music which is working behind the scenes to reduce the pressure you feel during the day. Then you can use the same music to drift off to a gentle and restful sleep.

Relaxation music takes very little preparation, is very inexpensive and may offer you a level of anxiety and stress relief you have never experienced before!

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