Top Ten Tips For Stress Management

To manage stress you need to deal with your body’s responses. It comes from awareness of your feelings and emotions. In order to be more aware you need to listen to your body. Take some time out every day to do this because your body is the instrument to achieve your goals. There are some tips for stress management which are to be followed with patience as they give gradual results.

Ten tips for stress management

Take a deep breath

Inhale and exhale for a few minutes to supply more oxygen to your body. If you pump more oxygen into the blood the body gets adequate energy to cope up with the situation.

Remain calm

Close your eyes and spend some time visualizing a beautiful place like a garden. It soothes the mind and has a calming effect. It makes you forget your situation and the mess around you for a moment. Staying calm is the best tip for stress management.

Jot down

Take a piece of paper and write down the reasons of stress. Once the reasons are clear you mind gets an idea of what the situation is about and you can find solutions for it.

Wait and react

In stressful conditions try to count numbers to divert your attention and reduce your reactivity. A delayed response might have less intensity of reaction. This might control your anger, frustration or whatever emotion the body generates to cope up with a tough situation.

Learn to say no

Know your limitations and do not accept more work than you can handle. If you hesitate to directly convey your disagreements on time it might lead to resentment and frustration. This makes you stressed out more.

Enrich your body with nutrients.

Increase your vitamin intake. Your body needs adequate nutrients to cope up with extra ordinary situations. Nutrition is the basic ingredient for stress management.

Look Beyond

Open your windows and watch nature and enjoy the breeze. This will defocus you for a while and help you ease out your stress for a while.


Go out for a walk. It is good for the body as it increases the breath rate and also blood circulation.

Talk to a friend

Have a nice time talking to a friend. This helps a lot as you feel home when chatting with a pal. You might share all the nice things of life while speaking and hence the mind’s focus shifts to better things that relax it.

Go for a massage

Pamper your body with a massage. If you can afford going to a nearest parlor then it can also be a good solution. Massage relaxes the body parts through touch and is very therapeutic. Many consider this as the best tip for stress management.

Take a nap

Don’t hesitate to take a quick nap. It refreshes you and rejuvenates the body immediately. Your body completely relaxes and fixes its own problems during sleep.

This way you must find a way to manage stress. Every individual is unique. So you have to choose a technique that suits you best to manage stress. If you have better ways to manage the stress monster, simply go ahead. But do not neglect it as it slowly kills your system. At the end of the day stress management is how you control your body’s responses to the burden.

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